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My Recent Tour of London - August 2021


Aug 1, 2021

I recently visited the UK and had the opportunity to spend a day in London. There is so much to see in this busy city.

After a short train ride into Blackfriers and a walk along the Thames to St Pauls, we got on a London Tour Bus.

Our first stop was Tower Bridge which provided a glorious view down the Thames. We walked to the Tower of London then got back on the bus to Westminster.

The view of the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey were breathtaking. From Westminster we walked to Buckingham Palace and viewed the famous guards protecting the Queen.

From the busy city into slightly more tranquil surroundings, Hyde Park Corner into Hyde Park, where people were sitting outside in the cafes, walking their dogs and admiring the lake. Here we viewed the new Princess Diana Memorial.

A walk back out of the park brought us back to Marble Arch. Here we picked up a bus to Trafalgar Square to view the famous Nelson's Column and Downing Street to view the residence of the Prime Minister.

After a busy day, we were luckly enough to go to a show which finished the day off. A highly recommended tour!

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